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I'm working on three different suspense titles in various stages of development, edits, and submissions. Below is a summary of each one.


In the cutthroat world of Chicago real estate some agents will do anything to close a deal.


Twenty-four year-old newbie, Mara, can't believe her luck when she lands a job as the assistant to big-shot realtor, Jacqueline Hendersen. Jacqueline's polished exterior conceals her crooked moral compass and relentless quest to win Chicago's prestigious Top Producer Award. Under Jacqueline's tutelage, Mara pays for her new condo and her sister's mounting medical bills while entangling herself in Jacqueline's unorthodox methods of creating business.

Mara relies on her increasing success to justify her mentor's lying, spying, vandalism, robbery, and blackmail. When Jacqueline's creative thinking expands to murder, she threatens not only Mara's livelihood, but her life. Backed into a corner by her involvement in Jacqueline's scandals, Mara faces a high-stakes dilemma. Will she risk everything she has struggled to achieve, or play along in Jacqueline's dangerous game? Because there can only be one Top Producer.  



Needing extra money and guided by her self-help books, isolated widow Gloria Flass rents a portion of her ten acre northern Michigan property to Beth Ramsay, a young travel writer who lives in a tiny house. Beth's presence comforts Gloria after authorities in the nearby town discover a dead woman on the beach. When Gloria learns that Beth’s husband has recently died in a tragic accident, the two widows forge an unlikely friendship.

But when someone close to them suddenly disappears, Gloria senses that her young tenant hasn’t shared the entire truth about her past and struggles with the worrying suspicion that her new friend could be a murderer.

As the stories of present and past collide, a series of shocking discoveries force Gloria to gather her courage, risk her friendship, and embark upon a dangerous mission to uncover the big secrets that lurk within the tiny house.





Big Little Lies meets Thirteen Reasons Why in this murderous novel of psychological suspense.

High School Chemistry teacher, Jane Bryson, is quick to befriend Elena Mayfield, the vibrant new English teacher in the classroom next door. Elena’s initiation of a poetry club for troubled students impresses Jane, but her young colleague’s disregard for the rules, secretive meetings with students, and illicit romance with another teacher soon attract the ire of the school’s by-the-book principal.

When Elena is found stabbed to death on the soccer field the night of the school’s annual fundraiser, Jane realizes that everyone is a suspect. Flooded with guilt and worry, she initiates her own investigation into Elena’s death, and discovers that her friend may have stumbled across a secret bigger than anyone could have imagined.


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