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THE GIRL BEFORE ME (Bookouture, April 29th, 2022)


Lily rushes into the apartment, shouting with joy as she claims the small pink bedroom as perfect for her. ‘Mama, I love it here. I love our new home. We’re going to be so happy, Mama, aren’t we?’


When Rachel moves into a new apartment with her young daughter, Lily, it’s with a huge sense of relief. After getting out of a difficult relationship with Lily’s dad, this perfect fourth floor apartment in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood withing walking distance to the zoo and the lake, feels like the new beginning she deserves at last.


It’s a place to call home. A place for them to grow together. A place for them to heal. And, as feelings begin to develop for her new neighbor, Alex, who lives in Apartment C, just next door, she dares to hope that her life is looking up.

Until a handwritten letter arrives for someone called Annie. Alex said she was just the tenant before, who moved out one day without leaving a forwarding address. Tentatively Rachel opens it, intending to return it to the sender if there’s an address in there. But the note just says ‘Annie. I’m scared for you. You’re not safe there. You know you have to get out. Before it’s too late.’ 

Something happened to Annie. And Rachel is not nearly as safe as she thinks she is…

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